Living With Twins

Living With Twins

When a child arrives in his life, the change is already huge … So when two babies arrive at the same time, we must learn to organize! Twins can be true or false, accomplices or rivals, hugs or independent … In short, twins are like any child, everyone is unique in its own way. Moms testify on their blog of their double maternity.

Give Birth To Twins

A twin pregnancy is considered at risk. Premature births are common and moms are also more at risk for their health. Some may have pre-eclampsia, a serious illness that includes high blood pressure, proteinuria, and weight gain with edema. A blogger recounts her childbirth at risk.


When your twin is sick

The mother has …

Cranemou, a blogger with a hard head

Cranemou, a blogger with a hard head

For this blogger, her online journal is an outlet. She tells about her life as a mother of 2 children who are not always wise like pictures …

Who is hiding behind Cranemou?

I’m going to do it like at the school of the fans so …

I am Natacha, finally better known under the name of Cranemou, in any case in my virtual life (by luck, we do not hang this nickname still in the street)

I am 31 years old, I work “normally” in the trade but there, I take care mainly of my two arapetes who serve me as children, they are 6 years and half and two years old and we live in Lyon, …