Cristina Cordula, A Mother Who Has Style!

Cristina Cordula

Her colorful accent and expressions have won over the audience, but behind the image of an extrovert presenter on the show “New Look for a New Life”, there is also a caring mother of a tall, 18-year-old boy. She confides in this little-known aspect of her life.


Between your picture agency and your presenter work, how do you find time for your son Enzo? 
Today, he is a big boy of 18 years old. He has his life, goes to college, goes out with his friends … He is not old enough to do things with his mother! But we both have a ritual. Every week, we go to dinner at a Japanese restaurant that we like and we take off together our …

Sandrine Quétier: “Inside” Her Life As A Mom!

Sandrine Quétier: “Inside” Her Life As A Mom!

Sandrine QuétierThe star host of TF1, including presenter of the show people “50 minutes inside” alongside Nikos Aliagas, claims his status as a normal mother, away from sequins and TV sets. She talks about her relationship with her children Lola, 11, and Gaston, 9.

How do you manage to organize between the TV sets and your children? 
I do like all the moms who work: I organize myself! When it comes to using a babysitter, I do it but I try to be as much as possible for them. We do the homework together after school, I pick them up at the end of class … Sometimes, when I really can not do otherwise, I take them on …