A Thank You Card For The DIY Mistress

A Thank You Card For The DIY Mistress

It’s the holidays soon and your children will finish their school year. Help them make a thank you card that will please their master, their mistress or even their nanny !


Thanks to its bosses that just download, this blogger allows us to make pretty thank you cards. After printing the chosen template (depending on the recipient), simply fold it following the explanations. To play the originality to the end, the blogger also proposes to create a small banner with string to hang the letters forming the word “thank you”. Simple and efficient! And there is even room inside for your child to leave a note.

thank you

Disguise Butterfly Wings

Disguise Butterfly Wings

Create a beautiful disguise of butterfly wings for your child with our tutorial. Nothing is more fun for our little monsters than to dress up. And with the good weather, why not take the opportunity to go foraging the flowers, with this butterfly costume?

Material List:

Material List-2 or 3 cotton fabrics

-1 fabric pencil


– Matching sewing thread

-1 sewing needle

– Head pins

-The average wire

-1 clip to cut

– Colorful ribbons

-Band elastic band…

What To Do With Drawings From Your Children?

What To Do With Drawings From Your Children?

You are drowning in your child’s drawings and other paintings and do not know how to put them away or show them off? Here are some ideas to help you keep your drawings as long as possible.

Children love to draw and if you keep all their masterpieces, you’ll soon find yourself with enough drawings and paintings to open your own art gallery! There are solutions to highlight these creations and to keep the most beautiful memories.

Of course, you can arrange the most beautiful drawings in folders or in a box with tabs indicating the date of their creation. If you want to highlight them, you can display the drawings using clothespins on a stretched wire, …