Learn Geometry In A Fun Way

Learn Geometry In A Fun Way

Geometry is not always funny to learn. But there are activities, sites or applications that make learning more fun . This mom tells us about it.

n this family, geometry is learned in joy and good humor. Rather than stay in school by helping her daughter with her homework, this blogger has opted for more playful exercises: spaghetti and modeling clay are used to make solids, a Tangram can apprehend the forms and their name …

The introduction to geometry is also 2.0. Our blogger mentions in her articles applications / sites / software (paid and free) that offer exercises and games around geometry. Screenshots help to get an idea. These various activities may help your children to love …

Introduce Your Child To Art

Introduce Your Child To Art

Paintings, sculptures, visits to museums … When and how can you introduce your child to art? Bloggers are interested in the issue and give parents some ideas to introduce young people to art.


Why introduce your child to art?

Awakening and personal development

This blogger explains in her article why we must introduce children to art. It is the best way for her to participate in their awakening and personal development. She also encourages parents to take their children to visit museums and participate in arts activities.


Children’s Books

How to talk to children about art? This is the question that this blogger asked herself and for her, books are essential. You will find in his article a selection …