Introduce Your Child To Art

Introduce Your Child To Art

Paintings, sculptures, visits to museums … When and how can you introduce your child to art? Bloggers are interested in the issue and give parents some ideas to introduce young people to art.


Why introduce your child to art?

Awakening and personal development

This blogger explains in her article why we must introduce children to art. It is the best way for her to participate in their awakening and personal development. She also encourages parents to take their children to visit museums and participate in arts activities.


Children’s Books

How to talk to children about art? This is the question that this blogger asked herself and for her, books are essential. You will find in his article a selection …

DIY: Birth Announcements to Make Yourself

Birth Announcements

Your child is born and you want to announce the good news to your loved ones? You can achieve for that original home birth announcements by following the valuable advice of these moms.


Announcement all round

These parents did not have a crush on the announcements found in the trade. So they decided to do it themselves. To avoid the classic form, they opted for round cards. The rendering is very pretty and the result rather original. And most importantly, everything is done by hand! If you want to make the same birth announcement, follow their tutorial!


The house announcement

its a boyThis blogger mom knows how to handle Photoshop as a person. She used her knowledge to create stylish birth announcements. If …

The very first French show dedicated to back to school

The very first French show dedicated to back to school

A show dedicated to the back to school? This is what we propose this year three Parisian working mum with “Back To School”. We tell you everything about this project.

Back to school is an important moment for children, but also for parents. They need to think about school supplies as well as new clothes. In other words, you have to be organized to buy everything before the start of the school year ! It is to prevent parents and children from being anxious and running that Back To School will be launched this year. The appointment is given on 29 and 30 August 2015 at the Carreau du Temple in Paris.


The organizers …

Princess Costume From A T-shirt

Princess Costume From A T-shirt

Your little girl dreams of a princess disguise? From a basic T-shirt, and following this step by step, make a princess disguise for Carnival, Mardi Gras or just for fun!

Step by step by Camille from the blog

Material List:

– 1 T-shirt at the height of the child

– 90 cm silver satin lining

– 40 cm yellow and white tulle

– 1 m silver braid

– Ten precious stones made of plastic to sew

– 50 cm of white cotton twill in 5 cm wide.

– 6 snaps of one centimeter diameter

– Contrasting yarn for the frills of the skirt

– Thick and contrasting thread for tulle gathers

– White sewing thread

– Sewing material (pins, …

What To Do In Lille With Your Children?

What To Do In Lille With Your Children?

You live in Lille and you want to know the places where you can take your children? These bloggers have tested restaurants and “kids friendly” establishments and are talking about them.

The stroller coffee

It is not always easy to find a restaurant or a tea room where mom and baby can rest for a short break. This blogger found her happiness in Lille: a stroller cafe where moms can breastfeed in peace while children have a little creative activity. You will find in his article all the practical information about this place!


Homework: How To Motivate Your Child?

Homework: How To Motivate Your Child?

homeworkYour child does not want to do homework at night? Moms have tested various approaches to motivate their child to work in the evening and share their tips on their blog.

After having managed to motivate her daughter to do her homework at night, this mother found herself faced with another problem: sloppy work. To remedy this problem and avoid “fighting” against her daughter every evening to do her homework properly, she decided to compromise: her daughter can work as she wants but her presence at her side should not be necessary. This mother also explains to us that it is important to judge her child as an autonomous and responsible person.



Child and homework

A history

Flight of Hearts and Sweet Words

Tuto: Flight of Hearts and Sweet Words

Why wait for the Advent calendar to discover a little surprise every day? With this step by step, your child will have the joy of discovering every morning a sweet word. Ideal to start the day!

Material for about thirty hearts:

– 5 to 6 A4 sheets of colored paper (180 grams)
– A pair of scissors
– A pencil
– Adhesive paste…

Puzzle With Ice Cream Sticks

Puzzle With Ice Cream Sticks

Collect your ice sticks and make an original puzzle with your kids’ favorite artwork! A very simple tutorial to make a waking game easy to carry.

Material List

-1 illustration

-1 printer

-1 sheet of paper

-1 brush

-Floor glue

-1 rule


-Wooden ice sticks

-From masking tape

– Transparent adhesive (covers-book)

-1 cutter…

Pumpkin Mask For Halloween

Pumpkin Mask For Halloween

What’s more fun than making a Halloween pumpkin mask yourself? Thanks to this step by step easy and fast, your children will be able to participate in the preparation of the scariest party of the year!


Material List:

– 1 cardboard plate
– Orange paint
– Black paint
– Brushes
– 1 cutter
– Small pointy pointed scissors
– 1 punch
– 1m black and orange satin
– 1 large needle with a large eyemasks


Extra-Curricular Activities: Carpooling For Children Makes Life Easier

Extra-Curricular Activities: Carpooling For Children Makes Life Easier

Do you want to enroll your children in extra-curricular activities, but the schedules do not allow you to take them there? Carpool sites for kids can make your life easier!

Have you enrolled your children in some extra-curricular activities? Judo, football, dance, music, visual arts and more are on the program for the fall! Unfortunately, schedules and locations of courses and workshops do not always coincide with your availability. Then often begins the puzzle of the timetable and the endless trips back and forth to various extra-curricular activities. But do not panic, there are several solutions to make your life easier!


Putting you in touch with people you trust

Kidmouv ‘puts you in touch with people close …