Benefits of Using a Professional Pet Sitter

Hiring A Pet Sitter

Are you going on vacation and need someone to look after your family pet? Why not hire a professional animal caregiver? Specialists dealing with animals will give you peace of mind to enjoy your time away from home. When you hire a professional pet sitter, you will be able to go hiking or enjoy the sun on the beach, while knowing your pets are being well taken care of.  Here are some benefits of using a professional pet sitter

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Cristina Cordula, A Mother Who Has Style!

Cristina Cordula

Her colorful accent and expressions have won over the audience, but behind the image of an extrovert presenter on the show “New Look for a New Life”, there is also a caring mother of a tall, 18-year-old boy. She confides in this little-known aspect of her life.


Between your picture agency and your presenter work, how do you find time for your son Enzo? 
Today, he is a big boy of 18 years old. He has his life, goes to college, goes out with his friends … He is not old enough to do things with his mother! But we both have a ritual. Every week, we go to dinner at a Japanese restaurant that we like and we take off together our …

Sandrine Quétier: “Inside” Her Life As A Mom!

Sandrine Quétier: “Inside” Her Life As A Mom!

Sandrine QuétierThe star host of TF1, including presenter of the show people “50 minutes inside” alongside Nikos Aliagas, claims his status as a normal mother, away from sequins and TV sets. She talks about her relationship with her children Lola, 11, and Gaston, 9.

How do you manage to organize between the TV sets and your children? 
I do like all the moms who work: I organize myself! When it comes to using a babysitter, I do it but I try to be as much as possible for them. We do the homework together after school, I pick them up at the end of class … Sometimes, when I really can not do otherwise, I take them on …

Julie Gayet: Close Up On Her Life As A Mother

Julie Gayet: Close Up On Her Life As A Mother

Julie GayetSince the photos published in Closer evoking a possible relationship between Julie Gayet and President Francois Hollande, the actress is more than ever under the fire of the media. In October 2012, Julie Gayet was the godmother of “My First Festival”, an event dedicated to children’s cinema. On this occasion, she had confided on her family life and her two boys Tadeo, 13, and Ezekiel, 11 years old at the time.

Why did you accept the role of godmother of My First Festival? 
I only work at the stroke of heart and this festival is really one. I love this concept where, during the holidays of All Saints, we can take his children to see …

Living With Twins

Living With Twins

When a child arrives in his life, the change is already huge … So when two babies arrive at the same time, we must learn to organize! Twins can be true or false, accomplices or rivals, hugs or independent … In short, twins are like any child, everyone is unique in its own way. Moms testify on their blog of their double maternity.

Give Birth To Twins

A twin pregnancy is considered at risk. Premature births are common and moms are also more at risk for their health. Some may have pre-eclampsia, a serious illness that includes high blood pressure, proteinuria, and weight gain with edema. A blogger recounts her childbirth at risk.


When your twin is sick

The mother has …

Cranemou, a blogger with a hard head

Cranemou, a blogger with a hard head

For this blogger, her online journal is an outlet. She tells about her life as a mother of 2 children who are not always wise like pictures …

Who is hiding behind Cranemou?

I’m going to do it like at the school of the fans so …

I am Natacha, finally better known under the name of Cranemou, in any case in my virtual life (by luck, we do not hang this nickname still in the street)

I am 31 years old, I work “normally” in the trade but there, I take care mainly of my two arapetes who serve me as children, they are 6 years and half and two years old and we live in Lyon, …