Teen Lexicon For Parents

Teen Lexicon For Parents

Communicating with a teenager is already a challenge in itself. So when, in addition, he uses words that are as familiar to you as Serbo-Croatian, it becomes almost impossible! PureFamille helps you and reveals some words and slang expressions to know not to pass for a bolo!

In view of the words of teens we have collected, we note a strong influence of English and Arabic. Verlan is also always popular. But, let’s be honest, for most words, we wonder where they went to get that ..

This list is not exhaustive because each region and each social milieu has its own slang. And the vocabulary of young people is changing fast! Here you will find words that are mainly used in neighborhoods but which, popularized by rap or internet forums, have been taken up by many teenagers.

Boug: a boy

“I love this boug”

Chill: who likes: having a 
good time

“I spent the evening chilling! ”

Dar: well

“Tomorrow, I’m going to the beach,
it’s dar! ”

Deter ‘: determined

“To win the race,
I’m relaxing”! ”

A disketteur: a speaker

“This guy is a real disketteur! ”

A diskette: a lie or a blow in the back

“He put a big diskette on me”


Fresh: well

“It’s too cool holidays! ”

Fresh: tell it

“Stop, you feel cool there! ”

Manage a guy / girl: flirt or go out with

“It’s good, I managed
the guy last night”

Go: a girl

“This go is nice”

It’s the hess: we’re bored

“Here, there’s nothing to do,
it’s the hess”