Breast-Feeding: Do the Weaning at Night Smoothly

Breast-Feeding: Do the Weaning at Night Smoothly

Weaning baby at night is not always easy. Yet from 6 months, the child is supposed to be able to do his nights (6 hours in a row on average) without needing to be breastfed. But from one baby to another it varies. Parents tell us how they managed to make this night’s weaning.

A thoughtful and shared decision

With a bottle of water

Hugo made his nights in his 1 month and a half. But around 8 months, he began to claim the night. His mother gave him the breast and he got used to going back to sleep. But today, she thinks that what he wanted above all was a moment of tenderness. She decided to turn things around by talking to her and offering him a bottle of water instead.


In case of co-sleeping and long breastfeeding

The advice of Dr. Jay Gordon

This mother is a fan of mothering. She practices co-sleeping with her child, which allows her to continue breastfeeding at night without having to get up again. Discovering the advice of pediatrician Jay Gordon on the web, she decided to rethink her routine when she and her child will feel ready.


The end of nocturnal feedings

The presence of the mother

This mother realized that she was too much in the merging with her daughter and that she slowed down her in her quest for autonomy without wanting it. Every night, she always put her at the breast when her daughter could have done without them. At the approach of returning to work, she decided to take things in hand to stop breastfeeding her child at night.