Carpet vs. Laminate Flooring

Flooring Options

Carpets have been around for several centuries while laminate flooring is more modern and was only invented in 1977. Despite the age difference, both options are widely used, with carpets making up a large proportion of floor deco in most homes and laminate flooring growing in popularity.

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Both flooring options are cheap when compared to other options like solid hardwood but they do have their differences. While the prices of the two choices are comparable, you may still be wondering which choice is more cost-effective. Cost does not only refer to the cost of purchasing, but it also encompasses things like how long you will have the flooring for, and how much you will spend on maintenance. To get a clear picture of all these elements, let’s look at how carpet and laminate flooring compare.


Purchase Price

Both laminate and carpet will cost anywhere from $1 to $7 to buy before installation. There are variations to these figures though because standard carpets tend to be slightly cheaper than standard laminate while top-of-the-range plush carpets tend to be more expensive than superior laminate. However, laminate installation is slightly more expensive than carpet installation because it requires a bit more specialized knowledge, and on average it will cost a third more than the carpet installation.

Ease of Installation

Overall, a carpet is easier to install normally requiring nails for tucking. You do have to keep in mind that most carpets will also require some carpet padding that you will need to install together with the carpet. Laminate flooring requires floating tongue-and-groove locking installation system which is more complex than carpet installation.

Durability and Maintenance

When it comes to maintenance, laminate floors are a bit of a winner. In the past, there were issues of laminate floors getting worn in a short time, but thanks to technological advancements, laminate flooring is now durable, potentially lasting up to over a decade, therefore, a comparison with durable carpet flooring is now possible.

Both floors require constant cleaning but carpets require more maintenance as they need hoovering and shampooing, and possibly the services of a professional carpet cleaner, while laminate flooring requires wiping. Stains are easier to clean on laminate, and this flooring is not susceptible to mildew and mold development due to moisture as is the case with carpets.


Environmental Sustainability

Concerns for the environment are growing, and if you are environmentally-conscious you may be interested in knowing where your flooring stands. Laminate flooring is sometimes manufactured with recycled materials but there are concerns over formaldehyde emissions from the manufacture of the resin used in the production of the flooring. Carpets are made from largely non-renewable materials which, however, do not pose a tangible threat to the environment.

The Choice

Your preferred flooring will rely on the aesthetics you are going for. Laminate flooring is ideal if you are looking for a tile look while carpets give the textile feel. It may also be worth considering the room you want to floor because a lot of people favor carpets for bedrooms because they provide insulation and laminate for the living areas.

Keep in mind the possibility of having to deal with moisture especially where children and pets are concerned. Carpets have also been known to aggravate allergic reactions attributed to their fibers. A lot of factors will influence the flooring choice you ultimately make.

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