3D Flower Bouquet Card For Mother’s Day

3D Flower Bouquet Card For Mother’s Day

The Mother’s Day is an opportunity to put some self in a map, and as we often like to wish with flowers. Why not kill two birds with one stone with this pretty 3D flower card? A gift that kids can do easily!


–     Printed model, ready to be transferred
– 1 sheet of tracing paper
– Colored cardstock sheets
(pink, fuchsia, purple, red, green and white)
– 1 wood pencil
– 1 pair of scissors
– Glue
– 1 pencil black
– 1 pretty string


Step 1

Take the printed template ( download here ) and the sheet of tracing paper. Overlay them and put the drawing on the layer using the wood pencil.

Step 2

Carry the drawing of the templates on the corresponding colored paper, the heart on the pink paper, parts 1 and 2 for the white face, and a small tulip, 3 leaves and 3 stems in green, 4 big tulips and 1 small in the red paper, 3 small fuchsia tulips and 3 small tulips in the purple paper. Once all the pieces are drawn, cut them out carefully.

Step 3

Then take all the big red tulips, fold them in two in the direction of the height and do the same with the pink heart which will serve as base to your card.

Step 4

Glue the tulips folded into each other by applying the glue only on the folds to obtain a raised tulip.

Step 5

All the elements are now ready, but before gluing them permanently install them inside the glue-free heart card, so you’ll have a better idea of gluing depending on the overlays. Once decided, proceed to the collage. Be sure to place the 3D tulip in the center of the card to close it.

Step 6

Close the card and do the same on the outside. Stick the flowers and parts 1 and 2 corresponding to the package of the bouquet.


Step 7

Draw a line of guidance for the twine to tie with a wood pencil. Cut two pieces of string about 10 cm. Put some glue on the line and stick a strand on each side. Tie the two ends of string together. Your bouquet of tulips is ready to be offered.

final card