Pasta Necklace Revisited Special

Pasta Necklace Revisited Special

The pasta necklace is a classic, made at school or at home, for Mother’s Day … but often ends in a drawer. This year, moms will be able to proudly wear it to the delight of children.

Material list :

Materials Needed – 10 penne dehydrated
– Skewers
– 1 salad bowl
– Acrylic paint
– 1 brush
– 1 palette
– Linen thread
– Scissors
– 1 glass of water


Step 1

Install the quill on the skewers. Try dividing them according to the colors, two of the color 1 and 2, and six of the color 3.

Step 2

Then prepare your paint mixtures and paint the pasta according to the distribution on the spades. Let it dry and apply a second coat. Now wait until it is dry before handling them.

Step 3

Cut seven small pieces of string about 10 cm long and 50 cm longer.

Step 4


Place the pasta in pairs of the same color, forming a V. Pass a pre-cut string in each of the pairs, except the topmost V.


Step 5

Choose the order for the final set up. Place the two small pieces of wire remaining on either side of the V-shaped pastes. Then tie the wires in the V to the wires on each side.

Step 6

Pass the last large yarn in the V left free and hang the pasta strip on the large main thread. Make a sliding knot to close.