Homework: How To Motivate Your Child?

Homework: How To Motivate Your Child?

homeworkYour child does not want to do homework at night? Moms have tested various approaches to motivate their child to work in the evening and share their tips on their blog.

After having managed to motivate her daughter to do her homework at night, this mother found herself faced with another problem: sloppy work. To remedy this problem and avoid “fighting” against her daughter every evening to do her homework properly, she decided to compromise: her daughter can work as she wants but her presence at her side should not be necessary. This mother also explains to us that it is important to judge her child as an autonomous and responsible person.



Child and homework

A history of cooperation

For this mom, the evening homework has often been a real ordeal. Wanting to know why she was so angry with her child and how to fix it, she read many books by psychologists. She proposes ways of thinking by using the work of psychologists to make evening work more livable.