Princess Costume From A T-shirt

Princess Costume From A T-shirt

Your little girl dreams of a princess disguise? From a basic T-shirt, and following this step by step, make a princess disguise for Carnival, Mardi Gras or just for fun!

Step by step by Camille from the blog

Material List:

– 1 T-shirt at the height of the child

– 90 cm silver satin lining

– 40 cm yellow and white tulle

– 1 m silver braid

– Ten precious stones made of plastic to sew

– 50 cm of white cotton twill in 5 cm wide.

– 6 snaps of one centimeter diameter

– Contrasting yarn for the frills of the skirt

– Thick and contrasting thread for tulle gathers

– White sewing thread

– Sewing material (pins, tape measure, needle, scissors, fabric glue)