Fun Beach Vacation Ideas For The Family

Fun In The Sun

A beach holiday is one of the most exciting and memorable activities that you can perform as a family. Not only is it a lot of fun, it can create memories that last a lifetime. Every member of the family will enjoy the beach in their own unique way. This leads to a collective, fun experience. There are various ideas that families can try out while on a vacation at the beach. Read on to discover some Fun Beach Vacation Ideas For The Family.
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beach fun
Grayton Beach
Situated in Santa Rosa, this beach provides an excellent location where you and your family can have a vacation. Grayton Beach has crisp, white sand that provides a beautiful contrast with the azure water. The best feature of this beach is that it is not crowded. Quite secluded, it provides a spot where families can enjoy fun in the sun without too many eyes peering into their activities. This beach is always well maintained by Santa Rosa municipal council. Hence, it provides a clean, exciting location for family vacations.
Waikiki Beach
Many people know of this beach due to its famed beauty and laid back atmosphere. Waikiki beach in Hawaii provides a tranquil environment for your family to enjoy. It is also situated close to most of the resorts and hotels in Honolulu. The beach is not very crowded. Furthermore, the water is clear and ideal for swimming. As such, you and your family can pick a spot and spend the day having fun and playing beach games.

Waikiki Beach

Riis Beach 

Located in Queens, this beach provides a welcome escape from the hustle and bustle of the city. Riis Beach provides turquoise water and lights brown sand for miles. As such, you and your family can enjoy playing beach games here. Riis Beach has a unique art deco bathhouse. This is a welcome facility at the beach for all visitors. Its position close to the city makes this beach a convenient spot to plan a vacation.


Mission Beach
This is a magnificent beach for families to enjoy for their vacation. It is located in San Diego and boasts of features such as constant patrol by lifeguards and family-friendly activities going on nearby. Mission beach is easily accessible from the downtown area. Furthermore, you can explore its Northern edges for easier swimming locations. That’s because the water there is calmer and ideal for swimmers who are still learning the skill. Overall, it is one of the best beaches for family vacations today.

Ocean City Beach
Nestled in Maryland, this beach extends for a whopping 10 miles. As such, there is more than enough room for you and your family to have lots of fun. The beach is situated on the Eastern Shore. Here, your family can enjoy activities such as boogie boarding and jump over the waves of the Atlantic Ocean. In the evening, there are rides and games on the boardwalk that’s just a few minutes from the beach.

The beach is a perfect place to enjoy a family vacation. The Fun Beach Vacation Ideas For The Family indicated above are safe and easily accessible for family members of all ages. They are worth your consideration for the next family vacation.

We hope you have enjoyed this article and are able to take a great beach vacation with your family.  If you have any comments or questions, please contact us.   We also encourage you to visit our sponsor for all Austin Parking Lot Striping needs.