Baby Planner: The Birth Of A New Profession

Baby Planner: The Birth Of A New Profession

After the Wedding Planner to organize a wedding, here is the Baby Planner. This job has just appeared in France. It’s about helping parents get organized before the baby is born. Christine, who is new to this new market, talks about this profession.

Where does this job come from and since when does it exist?

Baby Planner’s job comes from the United States and, there, it’s a job like any other that is well in the mornings. In France, the first Baby Planner were born about 5 years ago, it is still a very recent and innovative profession for us.


How would you define the Baby Planner job?

A Baby Planner is a person who comes to support and accompany the parent (s), mainly while waiting for the child. It is obvious that pregnancy and the preparation of the arrival of a baby give rise to many questions. It also requires a great organization and especially a lot of time. We can very quickly feel lost. The Baby Planner is going to be a support, a person we can rely on and rest.

What are the different tasks that he has to do?

Each Baby Planner offers its own services and therefore has its own tasks. But, in general, you have to listen to her client and reassure her about the issues that worry her, to follow up, advice on childcare, contact with professionals, management of the administration, the proposal workshops … and presence! The goal is to be there while knowing how to be forgotten …


How can expectant parents ensure the seriousness and competence of a baby planner?

You have IBPA which is a recognized international label asking for certification a number of specific criteria and a comprehensive review of your services. The partners can also represent the seriousness of the Baby Planner. At the first interview, do not hesitate to ask several questions. After it’s a bit like specialists, we take advantage of word of mouth!