Gardening: Our Selection of Children’s Books

Gardening: Our Selection of Children’s Books

With spring, children will be able to learn the joys of gardening. To teach them the basic rules, why not offer them a book on the subject? Discover the 5 books that particularly caught our attention.


The garden
Here is a nice way to introduce toddlers to the world of gardening. Through double pages illustrated with large and beautiful drawings and short texts, children discover the care to bring plants to grow, the various work to be done on his land, what the different forms of gardens look like ( French, Japanese …), the wildlife that hides there …
Age: From 3 years

The garden, Stéphanie Ledu, Amandine Laprun, Milan Youth Edition

The vegetable garden
Playful, this book has a wheel to turn, zippers and labels to lift. Children learn with pleasure what are the tools of the gardener, how carrots grow, what to plant following the season … A link is also made between the products grown and what the children find on their plate. At the end of the book are gathered some easy recipes. And to broaden the knowledge, the cultures practiced in Asia and Africa are evoked.
Age: From 4 years

The kitchen garden, Magali Clavelet, Valérie Guidoux, Éditions Nathan 

The imagery of small gardeners
This book offers children a wealth of information for gardening on the balcony, in the house, or the garden. There are practical tips for planting and harvesting cherry tomatoes, growing an avocado tree, as well as ideas for crafting a snail hut, or decorating pots for the balcony. And icing on the cake, once the products are grown, there are even some recipes for cooking! Very complete, this book has attractive drawings that facilitate reading.
Age: From 6 to 9 years old

The imagery of small gardeners, Émilie Beaumont, Marie-Laure Bouet, Philippe Simon, Éditions Fleurus


I plant it grows! 
“I make my garden square”, “I sow”, “I garden with the moon”, “I water without wasting”, “I cuttings” … Here are some of the themes addressed by this book. For each part, there are activities to put into practice what has been addressed. The child is thus invited to make good soil, to sow carrots, to make cuttings of geranium … and even to build a scarecrow! The book also contains fact sheets on vegetables and flowers, riddles and a calendar to know, depending on the season, what to do in the garden. Bonus: 60 repositionable stickers are offered!
Age: From 6 to 9 years old

I plant it grows! Philippe Asseray, Éditions Rustica 

Jardine bio, it’s funny
Here is a gardening book that focuses on respect for the environment. It introduces children to the interest of cultivating organic in its small sections “Benefit Earth”. Illustrated, he discusses various topics such as the rotation of crops, or how to choose his garden square … He explains how to weed, treat his plantations and even create fertilizer naturally! We also love the advice of papi and granny who punctuate the book, the fact sheets on plants and games offered!
Age: 7 to 12 years

Jardine bio, it’s funny, Eric Prédine, Alix Boullenger, Living Earth edition