Bowling With Milk Bottles

Bowling With Milk Bottles

Follow the instructions to easily perform a bowling game, with three times nothing. Your child can lend you a hand and then have fun with this skill game.

Materials Needed:

– 6 bottles of milk
– A fine point marker
– Felt pens
– Paint and a brush
– Adhesive tape
– Foam board
– Glue
– Various decorative accessories: feathers, pictures, stickers


Step 1

Remove the labels from the six milk bottles.

Step 2

With the fine point marker, draw on each bottle animals, characters or any pattern. Here: a snail, a hedgehog, a frog, three mushrooms, an owl, a doe and a deer.


Step 3

Color the patterns with the felt.


Step 4

Lay a strip of adhesive horizontally on the bottle, before painting. Then, spread the green paint on the bottom of the bottle.

Step 5

Paste the accessories of your choice on the bottles. For example: for the owl paste feathers, on the mushrooms of the stickers, next to the dragonfly frog, next to the locust doe, on the snail of the ladybugs, next to the hedgehog ants …

Step 6

Draw numbers in foam board. Cut them and stick them in front of each bottle.