Ghost Puppet

Ghost Puppet

Game accessory, companion or confidant, the puppet is the simple and fun way for children to communicate their deep thoughts. Fun and fright guaranteed with this phantom puppet of circumstance on the eve of Halloween .



– Newsprint
– White fabric
– White construction
– Fishing line – Scissors
– Sewing needle
– 2 large wooden skewers
– Black paint felt


Step 1


Take a sheet of newspaper and make a ball about 6-7 cm in diameter.

Step 2

Spread the white fabric and cut a large square about 50 x 50 cm.

Step 3

Place the paper ball in the center of the fabric square and enclose it in it. Close with a white cotton thread, knot.

Step 4

With the black paint pencil, draw the eyes and mouth of your ghost.


Step 5

Then take the two wooden skewers and cut the ends. Cross the sticks in their center so as to get a cross and tie them together with the white building wire so that it does not move.

Step 6

Now connect the ghost’s head to the wooden cross. For this, cut a fishing line of about 15 cm. With the needle, pass it to the center of the ghost’s head and tie the end. Now hang this thread in the center of the wooden cross and tie. Your ghost is now attached by the head.

Step 7

Now you have to hang each corner of the square of white fabric at each end of the skewer. For this, cut again a piece of fishing line about 20-25 cm. Using the needle, pass it through one of the corners of the fabric and tie at the end. Tie the other end of the yarn to the end of the skewer. Repeat the operation for the other three corners.