Professional Family Photography Outdoor Photoshoot Ideas

Photos are not just paper prints they have a memory lane in it. Be it, friends or family, we love to and tend to preserve our precious memories. After keeping our hard copy photos in album covers we have moved to the era where selfies and our phone galleries speak louder. But don’t you feel that the originality was in the pictures that we have got clicked by professional photographers, the entire family dress especially for it and excited for the shoot.




Let’s re-live that generation of photo shoots with style and get inspired by the 10 best outdoor shoot ideas:-


10) Family In Same Attire

Having the family dress in the same outfits or similar outfits can be fun.  If you are on a special vacation to Disney it could be fun to have everyone wearing the same Mickey T-shirt.  If you are at the beach have everyone wear white shirts.  The options are endless for this idea.


9) Decorating The Tree Picture

You can get a picture clicked while the entire family is decorating the Christmas tree together and spreads the festivity around in the Christmas appropriate clothes.


8) Playful Pictures

Be it a farm or a pool, the cheerful and playful pictures come out really well and look better than the posed ones. Play on a farm with your kids with that blue sky and green grass as your background with casual clothes and there you have the best pictures for your family frame that you can share on Facebook.


7) Ring-Around-The-Rosie Pictures

Play a game with circular motions in your backyard and get the candid shots clicked for you. This not just gives a nice concept but also gives the feeling of being at home with home pictures in it.


6) Windmill Clicks

Head to a place with a number of windmills, it will give a perfect background for a family that keeps on moving with each other like a windmill. A scene with white and huge windmills, clear blue sky and green grass will make a perfect picture.


5) Kiss A Pic

While kids are posing in a dramatic way, let mom and dad enjoy a photo perfect kiss.


4) Vineyards Veil

Ask mom or dad to swing the kid in the air and hold back while you take a few cluster shots. A picture with lush green vines will look fresh and lively.


3) Maple Leaves On The Go

Take pictures while the family holds hands and walk together on a road with fallen maple leaves all around. Pictures in the saffron and dramatic leaves will leave your clients speechless.

fall leaves

2) Family In The Snow

A picture was taken in winter with snow all over and a huge tree in the middle of a large ground with all the members is hidden behind the trunk and showing only their faces. For a contrast, all the members can wear red clothes which will look amazing with a snowy background.


1) Because Beach Is The Best

There is nothing like a picture taken on a beach while the family is playing with waves and sand on a white beach. Attire code can be white and ice blue. The family frame calls for this picture.

Someone has rightly said “A family that eats together, stays together,” We say” A family that gets clicked together stays together”


Have a happy Photoshoot with these Professional Family Photography Outdoor Photo-shoot Ideas!


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