What To Do With Drawings From Your Children?

What To Do With Drawings From Your Children?

You are drowning in your child’s drawings and other paintings and do not know how to put them away or show them off? Here are some ideas to help you keep your drawings as long as possible.

Children love to draw and if you keep all their masterpieces, you’ll soon find yourself with enough drawings and paintings to open your own art gallery! There are solutions to highlight these creations and to keep the most beautiful memories.

Of course, you can arrange the most beautiful drawings in folders or in a box with tabs indicating the date of their creation. If you want to highlight them, you can display the drawings using clothespins on a stretched wire, frame them or stick them with masking tape on the wall.

The drawing becomes cuddly

The drawing can also become your child’s next baby blanket, as we told you some time ago on Purefamily. Some sites adapt the creation of the child to make a stuffed almost identical. Count between 60 and 105 € depending on the production site.


You can also divert them. Why not do, for example, from his drawing a lampshade? You will find a tutorial to make a photophore with your child’s drawing on Purefamily.


A poster of miniaturized drawings

www.simplycreatekids.com , an American site also offers to gather on a same poster a number of drawings of your child. Their size is small and this allows you to keep a souvenir in a reasonable proportion. Count between 66 and 88 € (shipping included), depending on the size of the poster and the amount of photos requested.
You can use the principle to make your own poster. Just scan or photograph the drawings, reduce their size, put them in print, then print them and frame them.

You can also compile all the drawings to print them in a photo album that you have done on the Internet ( www.monalbumphoto.fr , www.photobox.fr , www.photoservice.com …).


Drawings on all objects

You can also transfer your child’s drawings to objects. Thus, a mother had the idea to embellish her daughter’s drawings and then print them on various media. In front of the result, she decided to make it a company and now offers to all to transfer the children’s drawings on mugs, trays, announcements, greeting cards, phone cases, cushion, table, cover of computer, pencil pot, apron, clock, snack box, gourd … The embellished designs beautifully decorate everyday objects to make unique pieces. A nice gift idea for a birthday, a Mother’s Day or fathers, Christmas, the end of year gift to the school teacher … A gallery allows you to see the drawings before and after their transformation.