Cranemou, a blogger with a hard head

Cranemou, a blogger with a hard head

For this blogger, her online journal is an outlet. She tells about her life as a mother of 2 children who are not always wise like pictures …

Who is hiding behind Cranemou?

I’m going to do it like at the school of the fans so …

I am Natacha, finally better known under the name of Cranemou, in any case in my virtual life (by luck, we do not hang this nickname still in the street)

I am 31 years old, I work “normally” in the trade but there, I take care mainly of my two arapetes who serve me as children, they are 6 years and half and two years old and we live in Lyon, in center city, especially because we are very afraid of ants and crawling critters.


What do you tell in your blog?

My life. I am ultra egocentric in fact. Finally, I laugh, but it still takes a little ego to spread like that on the web. Initially, an outlet for having a little oxygen that I missed staying always at home. Today, a drug, meetings, friendships, projects … I try so hard to stay away from my life as a mom, and all that can be asked of me in another day, and I’m telling it so that some people can