Cristina Cordula, A Mother Who Has Style!

Cristina Cordula

Her colorful accent and expressions have won over the audience, but behind the image of an extrovert presenter on the show “New Look for a New Life”, there is also a caring mother of a tall, 18-year-old boy. She confides in this little-known aspect of her life.


Between your picture agency and your presenter work, how do you find time for your son Enzo? 
Today, he is a big boy of 18 years old. He has his life, goes to college, goes out with his friends … He is not old enough to do things with his mother! But we both have a ritual. Every week, we go to dinner at a Japanese restaurant that we like and we take off together our week. We tell ourselves what we did, what we saw …
When he was little, I cared a lot about him. The first year, I even stopped working to devote myself entirely to my son. But today, it’s obviously different. He is in the most beautiful age of life! He still depends on his parents and at the same time he is free. I also encourage him a lot to go out, to see his friends … He must enjoy! I only have good memories of this period of my life; I wish him the same thing.

Enzo has just had 18 candles. Is this also a step for you?

His 18 years were a bit difficult for me. I was not sad but I had a feeling of nostalgia. It was a bit like making a balance sheet. I was moved to tell me that Enzo was no longer my baby, that he had his life now. But when I see how my son is fulfilled, helpful and generous, I tell myself that I have fulfilled my mission!

Did you raise him in Brazilian culture?

Yes, completely! He is Franco-Brazilian, he has both passports, so it has always been very important for me to pass on my culture to him. In Brazil, the relationship to the child is very different. It’s a young country, with children everywhere. They all play together on the street or on the beach, adults talk to them, there is life everywhere! In France, I sometimes feel that dogs are more important than children … Moreover, I raised Enzo in the suburbs rather than Paris, I wanted him to meet easily other children, play with them, go to the neighbors …

There is a very Brazilian tradition that I have always respected for Enzo: organize a huge birthday party! There, specialized companies offer crazy things with hallucinating decorations and extraordinary animations. I brought wizards and clowns and ordered an amazing cake. All his school friends were looking forward to his birthday because it was really the party of the year!

Also, every summer since he was little we are leaving for a month in Brazil. It is a moment we are very complicit and where we spend a lot of time together. Even when I was still living with his dad, we only left. It was really a parenthesis in a very busy life to find himself and me.