Sandrine Quétier: “Inside” Her Life As A Mom!

Sandrine Quétier: “Inside” Her Life As A Mom!

Sandrine QuétierThe star host of TF1, including presenter of the show people “50 minutes inside” alongside Nikos Aliagas, claims his status as a normal mother, away from sequins and TV sets. She talks about her relationship with her children Lola, 11, and Gaston, 9.

How do you manage to organize between the TV sets and your children? 
I do like all the moms who work: I organize myself! When it comes to using a babysitter, I do it but I try to be as much as possible for them. We do the homework together after school, I pick them up at the end of class … Sometimes, when I really can not do otherwise, I take them on filming. They love coming to the dance floor with the stars.

What has motherhood taught you about you?
The notion of responsibility! I got a little slap when my daughter was born. I am of a natural rather reasonable, I should also let go more often, but that’s different. We are responsible for the well-being of his child, his development, his education … I had not prepared for that and I was afraid of not being up to it. Around me, I had been briefed on the feeling of love that one feels at birth. Some women say that everything is easy and obvious when a child arrives. They are lying these women there, right? Me, it came little by little. I was tired, I made a little baby blues … I had to observe my daughter a lot to get to know her and apprehend her.


How would you define the character of your children?

Lola is the joy of living! She is very serious at school and loves to annoy her brother. Gaston is adorable, very sociable but we are often summoned to school for his behavior … He heckles and does not hesitate to get up in class to pass words to his friends. Fortunately, he has good grades, that’s what saves him! To help him improve his attitude, I spend a pact with him every morning. I ask him, “Tell me two things you will not do in school today.” And usually he respects his word. You must not ask the impossible for your children, but small efforts every day to gain confidence. For now, this technique works with Gaston anyway!

What relationship do you have with your children?

I am very fusional. A little too much, they grow up and I’ll have to let them loose a little bunch! I was happy that until now my daughter does not want to go colo! But then she went to the green classroom and I’m very happy for her. Anyway, I’ll have to adapt. I still do not really know what their teenage crisis will look like.


And between them, how is it?

They adore each other even if they bicker like all children. But, for example, Gaston told me that he missed Lola during his green class. They both play and we do a lot of activities together. However, I always try to give some privileged moments to the one and the other. For example, for the 10 years of Lola, we both went to see the Black Eyed Peas concert at the Stade de France. I made her believe that we were going to see a rugby match because I wanted her to discover this sport. She pulled her face a bit … But when she realized we were going to the concert, it was great! We had a good evening with girls. Well, soon, I’ll have to get hold of Rihanna’s gig … I’m a lucky mom you can not find ?!

What kind of outings do you have as a family?

Many things. Me, I love the walk but there, the children are bigger and start to moan … We go to the cinema, the exhibitions as the Fiac where Gaston had fun running between the works while I was a not very scared! We read, we discuss a lot together too. I have the chance to do a job where I have access to culture so we have a lot of opportunities to go to see shows and concerts.


Do your children make comments to you after watching TV?

They look at me very little. They are not at all fascinated by the TV community because they know it from birth. There is not a high mass when I go on screen! For them, I am a mother who has a job like any other. Sometimes it happens that they fall on me but it is pure chance. They do not give me any comments or give me any advice: for I’m still the best! Gaston just has an obsession with hairstyles, he often finds that I have a funny face!

Are you trying to protect your family from celebrity?

Yes, but besides I do not feel a personality. When I’m at the Shopi with my cart shopping, I really do not feel like a star! The people are adorable with me in the street, I never feel assaulted or invaded everyday. I have a very classic life outside of television and I do not only go to people in the middle. I kept my two childhood friends who are teachers today, far away from the TV sets.


Nikos Aliagas will soon be dad, you give him advice?

I’m so happy for him! I think he does not fully measure that he will soon be a father! If he asks me for advice, obviously I will answer him. But basically, everyone does with his sensitivity, he will do as he feels.


Want a third child?

Sincerely, no. We found a balance all three and it suits me well!