When To Give Your Wooden Fence A Facelift

Fence Updating

Wooden fences are an amazing way to aesthetically enhance your home, to improve security & maintain the privacy of your home. Maintaining the appearance and the integrity of the structure the is very important. There are many things that can compromise both the integrity and appearance, so it takes some knowledge to know when your fence needs a facelift.

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These two features are important to look up to while considering fences. Wooden fences should be 3 feet to 6 feet in height. This will also depend on your local permits. If you are novice buyers you should look into the following features –

  1. Grade of the wood used
  2. Strength of the wood used
  3. Life of the wood used
  4. Quality of the Paint used to decorate the wood
  5. Type of fence
  6. What is the further maintenance?

Having said that, if one has already installed a wooden fence and there is a strong urge for home improvement – Then what?
Here is your magic guide for – When’s & How’s of wooden fence upgrade!

Start with a question? Why do I need the wooden fence upgrade?

  1. Broken Rail/ Post / Picket
  2.  Termite biting the wood
  3. Paint running off
  4. Need aesthetic home improvement
  5. Need more secure premise
  6. Age of the fence

If your answers lie in any of the above points then you are thinking right – Facelift / Upgrade the wooden fence. Rail/Post/Pickets provide structure to the fence. Any broken part will somehow loosen the overall structure. Further, imagine a situation when your dog can step out of the premise through a broken picket. Those neighbors never appreciate it. Talking about strength, the wood is hampered by various reasons. It might be due to the age-old enemy of wood – Termite. Improper treatment of wood or exposure to water causes these little guys to feed on wood. These are the silent destroyers who can ruin not only your wooden fence but also your hard work in the garden – Plants & Trees. Therefore strength & structure should be the fundamental reasons you need to think about when you are considering a facelift. Further aesthetics come into play. One would want the house to look good & charming all the time. Imagine yourself inviting few close friends for a Sunday brunch. A beautiful lunch table around that fence wouldn’t look nice if the paint is running off. Right eh? Good impressions are everlasting. Also, the right color selection is critical. Colors shouldn’t look too odd with the property. Generally, wooden textures, whites, off-whites, greys are preferred. Plus if you have kids you need to take special precautions for the paints – It has to be lead-free! Also one has to be cautious about wood selection – Fir, Redwood, Cedar, Pine etc. depends on availability in your region.


Further one can go for the various type of fence types if facelift if considered

  1. Louver
  2. Post & Rail
  3. Lattice
  4. Vertical Board
  5. Picket

Age of the fence is another important criteria to look upon. The average age of a fence is greater than 20 years, one should consider changing it. This can also be a subjective decision based on the type of wood used in the previous fence.

I hope this comprehensive guide helps you in making your decision. Thank you for visiting and reading our articles. If you have any questions, please contact us and we will be glad to answer when possible. We also ask that if you need your fence to be stained that you contact Texas best stain company.